The heat is on current Gloucester Twp council members after another huge tax increase.

In what can only be described as CYA, council President Orlando Mercado, along with fellow council members Michael Mignone, and Andrea Stubbs, cast votes of “NO” for the most recent of 5 Gloucester Township Property tax increases, as they are up for re-election next year.

The past elections appear to be showing the establishment candidates’ margin of victory decreasing, as GT voters are again feeling the squeeze of another crushing tax increase. What was, usually a 7-0, or 6-0 vote to approve the budgets that increase GT resident’s taxes, an average of nearly 9%, this “NO” vote by Mercado, Stubbs, and Mignone, seems nothing more that saving their collective tails for their 2023 re-election bid.

That was a 4-3 decision, with just enough votes to pass yet, another huge 8.7% tax increase to the taxpaying residents of GT.