Gloucester Twp, 5 property tax increases in 8 years. How do residents tolerate it?

Even numbered years, stick in the crawl of GT residents, as another nearly double digit tax increase is ready to be cast upon them.

This is so redundant, that taxpayers don’t remember that Mayor Dave Mayer took office in 2010, his first budget was an over 20% tax increase to the residents.
After being elected 4 years later, he and council went on a property tax increase binge hitting residents in every non election year, even numbered years crushing blow.

As if, 2014 (8%), and 2016 (12%), and 2018 (8%) increases weren’t enough, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, a 2020 (10%) increase was cast upon the taxpaying residents, even with the procurement of $6.8 Million in Covid relief, to the twp to offset and revenue shortfalls. (if needed). Seems not really needed.

Council meetings usually have about a handful of regular residents that attend regular meetings, addressing year round issues, including taxes, spending, and borrowing, in which, some claim, over taxing, over spending, and over borrowing.
Even though New Jersey has a 2% property tax increase CAP, GT manages to avoid the CAP by constantly borrowing, and keeping debt, to exclude them from the state CAP.

It remains to be seen, how residents will deal with this year’s increase, In tears past, they showed up at the one budget meeting, then quickly faded away, metaphorically waving the white “surrender” flag, which is most likely why the Mayor and council, continue to have their way with the taxpayers.

The budget will get its 2nd reading, with an unlimited time for the public to speak out in this most current budget , that includes the 9% increase, on May 23rd, at 7:30 pm at the council chambers.

Will this be the year that the residents stop this even numbered year spending, and taxing? or will they wave the white “surrender” flag once again?
We will all know on May 23rd.