Not even a pandemic crisis can stop Gloucester Twp politicians from raising Property Taxes ANOTHER 10.5%

Say it isn’t so. The elected officials of Gloucester Township, Camden county have done it again.
Only this time, they did in the midst of a economic, and viral pandemic.

Gloucester Twp council, in a “virtual” YouTube meeting on May 11,2020, has introduced what appears to be another property tax increase. As was the case in 2010, in Mayor Mayer’s first official budget, they raised residents taxes 26%.

Knowing that was devastating, they waited until after the next Mayoral election, then let all tax heck loose on the taxpaying residents of GT. In the even years to follow, the residents would see their taxes increase in
2014 8%, then in 2016 12%, then again in 2018 another 9%. Each increase following the local election year.

Now it seems, that in 2020, and yes another even numbered year, they would have shown compassion towards the good people of Gloucester, especially since they were in the grasp of an unprecedented viral, and economic pandemic.

The introduced budget, as in the past amounts to a formality. The budget will once again come before the elected council, where it will most certainly be passed in a unanimous 7-0 vote. The budget will then go to the desk of Mayor David R. Mayer, who will, as he has always done in the past sign it.

By the time the residents get their tax bill in the mail, again, it will be too late. The damage will have already been done. Many wonder how many will be able to keep up with the already huge property taxes that they already face, let alone, endure another. Will we see another mass exodus, and another increase in vacant homes?

It is further expected, that if the Incumbent Mayor, and council are re-elected that GT Residents will see an even larger property tax increase in 2022, as if this current one, wasn’t enough.

Good luck to all of the residents of Gloucester Township, through both the ongoing pandemic, and the elected politicians.