Erial or Sicklerville ? Is it time to finally put Erial in it's rightful place on the map?

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

It has been long asked by many at Gloucester Township council meetings, and even asked by a very well known senior resident of 08081 in town, but the question still remains unanswered. Erial or Sicklerville.

For those not in the southern part of GT, it may not matter, but for those who live from Hickstown Rd to Crosskeys, the lines are clear. Sicklerville has been most commonly identified as a section of Winslow Township. Many in Gloucester Township have heard it referred to in the news, but what difference does it make? To those in the southern part of town, it means a lot.

Erial is, and can be used as a mailing address, as well as your driver's licence, and also can appear on all of your bills, but because it is in the 08081 zip code, many reffer to it as Sicklerville. Is it about time that the Gloucester Township Mayor and Council give the people of Erial it's rightful place on the map? Many that have asked their governing body, say yes.

The boundaries could easily be drawn. Hickstown Rd south to Crosskeys. Kearsley Rd to Johnson Rd, up to the "Turnersville" border. Along with Sicklerville Rd from Crosskeys, to the Freeway. It would make for a distinctive difference to those in both Gloucester, and Winslow townships. It is thought that Winslow can keep the Sicklerville name, as they have the post office, and the Gloucester Twp side would be appropriately named Erial. Ask the Erial little league ballplayers, what they would call it.

Many will continue to request it , discuss it, but when all is said and done, it may finally be time for Mayor and Council, to do the right thing for those residing in that part of town and put Erial in it's rightful place on the map in Gloucester Township.