Indicators point to a 12% tax increase in 2020, after GT tax increases in 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018, prove to be more of a habit, than just a pattern.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ
October 2019
After absorbing whopping property tax increases of 26% (2010) 8% (2014) 12% (2016) and 9% (2018), Gloucester Township residents may get whacked again in 2020.
What was once a "pattern", has now developed into a habit.

The year following a local council, or Mayoral, election, Gloucester Twp politicians have levied some devastating tax increases, that may soon be impossible to reverse.
Most, if not all election years, the township Administrator bonds millions of dollars for what most towns put in their annual budgets, but GT continues to borrow for every day things, just in the millions of dollars. There seems to be no end to the borrowing, and no sensible vision to pay those debts off.

So, as the past measurable property tax increases being a indicator of what's next, the same politicians will most certainly introduce, and pass another double digit tax increase when, and if they get re-elected. It should be interesting to see how residents will adapt to that next level, or of they will kick their habit as well, and change the future.