Could Comcast control most local utilities and your bills, with the help of Gloucester Township's Mayor Dave Mayer?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

With local Comcast bills climbing well above $200/ month, could your other utility bill be not far behind?
The fine folks of Gloucester Twp will certainly tell you, that with no competition, Comcast has continuously raised it's rates for the same service, with no end in sight, could other , more necessary utilities, be actually joining Comcast, in it's exclusive success?

So, if we look at your other bills, that are necessary evils of standard living, you will see your electric bill, and your water bill. Not to mention your 2 sewer bills.
Comcast has already teamed up with Sunrun solar, to provide electricity, to homes, that will also provide an electric bill to many more, along with Comcast energy rewards, and electricity delivery company.
As most in Gloucester Twp already know, their Mayor, Dave Mayer, has been, and is the head of "legislative affairs" which is a fancy name for a lobbyist, for the cable giant, as well as being listed as it's treasurer.

So with the direction of cable, and electric, we have a new entry that Mr. Mayer has found himself involved in. That would be your water bill.
Most recently, the full time GT Mayor has been named to lobby for another utility. NJ American water named David L. Mayer. His responsibilities will be, and we quote,

"As Director of Government Affairs for New Jersey American Water, Mayer will focus on state legislative and lobbying activities, as well as municipal relationships in the company’s South region. He will provide strategic government affairs counsel and will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with elected/appointed individuals to strengthen the company’s position as a trusted and expert resource and industry leader for water and wastewater issues".

So, having one person, that lobbies to the local politicians, that could possibly lead that many utilities, that result in utility bills be "lobbying" for the people?
That apparently is NOT who lobbyist, lobby for, but could he lobby politicians, in many NJ towns enough to effect more of the utility bills that you pay?

It should be interesting to watch, as Lobbyist Dave Mayer "lobbies" the local politicians about the future of our bills. It is fair to mention that Mr. Mayer IS one of the politicians that he would have to lobby, as the Mayor of Gloucester Twp. His council President Orlando Mercado, would be sure to "rubber stamp" anything that his Mayor submits, as he always has.

Other towns in the area, will soon be on the radar, for your electric, cable, and water bill to see some changes.

Some have said that this could look like a scene from the movie Demolition Man, when in the future, all companies went away, except for Taco Bell, which was left as the only conglomerate. Just a movie, but could it happen?