In Gloucester Twp, is "open space" becoming a money grab, and a joke?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ ketogenic

This idea of preserving space has been around for many years. It is always a great thing to do in any town, anywhere.
Who would ever think of opposing "open space" ? Who would think that anything could ever go wrong with such a novel idea?
When you add the word "Politician" to any feel good idea or plan, people don't have the same thoughts. In and about 2000, the Gloucester Township
elected officials brought that idea to a referendum, so the people could decide if it was worth collecting a measly 2 cents to "preserve open space".

It was packaged just right, it was presented, and supported. Some even say that it was pushed, because it what the town and it's people "needed".
Well, here we are in 2019, and do the people of Gloucester twp still see that plan coming to fruition? Let's look at it's merits, in a simple form.

First, what is the "open space" theory? It is to collect 2 cents per $100 of your GT's homes value, and then do it again for Camden county from all home-owning taxpayers.
Now, her comes the "open space" thing. Do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with a piece of land. That's right nothing. It is now "preserved".
The powers that be will also "use" some of that money for maintenance, equipment, for "up keep" for a piece of land to keep it "open".

So, in theory, the elected officials, got the voters to approve this idea, and trust that the politicians would always do the right thing as the keepers, of their heart earned dollars.
In 2019, if you look around the township of Gloucester, you will still see some "open space", and no, not just in your wallet, but along Blackwood Clementon Rd, but also throughout the township, and we are not talking about vacant homes.

So for the better part of 20 years that you have been taxed by the county , and township, would you say that the tax dollars that were collected for open space were well spent?
Forget about what the Politicians would tell you. Do you the people of Gloucester Township see the same amount of "open space" throughout the township as you did 20 years ago?
Or even that past 10 years? Has the collecting of the people's money for the so called "open space" out lived its usefulness? Is it time to ask ourselves and the Politicians just that?