Missing teens popping up on media. It's time for parents to tune in

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

With a greater frequency of missing teens appearing in media, and social media, it's about time that parents make every attempt to "tune in" to what goes on in the everyday life of their teens, and millennial children.

As many parents know, starting at pre-teen years, kids tend to squeeze their parents out of what they are doing. We remember asking our kids, where are you going? who are you hanging out with? and what time are you coming home? Those are usually responded to with modern teenage replies. "I'm going out, or what's it matter to you, or why do you keep asking me that, get off my back". It's then when parents need to take the upper hand, and let our teens know, that we are asking because we LOVE them and CARE about all of that. They have no idea how much we worry sick about what goes on in today's world, and what could happen. We need to instill onto them what that love means, and how they are the most important thing in the world to us, and only hope that it sinks in. Opening that line of communication, is only a start. Getting our teenage children to trust our judgment and concern is the bigger hurdle. Those hurdles need to be crossed at the younger ages, so that they trust us into the teen years.

It is then, when the trials and tribulations meet them at those difficult teen ages, they can trust us to help them deal with them, and also how we can help them get past them.
Usually when a teen is preparing to leave home, it is not just an instantaneous decision. It stems from a build up of events that they had trouble dealing with which may include the parents themselves. It is about knowing your children, and knowing when something is not right. Those are the times when we need to act on those signs. A subtle approach may bring them to the table, as after it builds up, they may shut down that line of communication.

Unfortunately, as we see more of these missing teen reports, there may be more to come. No one has all of the answers to this, and we surely do not pretend to be a doctor, of adolescent behavior, but just merely adding some common sense suggestions so that we do not see any more of these missing teen news events happening in Gloucester Township area, or any other area for that matter.

If our children only knew how our hearts beat every minute of every day for them, and how it affects every fiber of our being when things like this happen, they don't realize it at that age. We have to find ways to make that happen, so that our worst nightmares, do not become a reality.