Gloucester Twp. It's not about political parties anymore. It's about TAXES

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

Gloucester Township and Camden County have long been known as a Democratic stronghold in South Jersey. As more long time residents flee the place that they called home for so many years, those that are still left have to decide if they want to stay true to their political party, or do what best for them.
High taxes are not new to New Jersey, or Gloucester Township for that matter, but huge increases have reared their ugly head, in the past 10 years. This has happened in Democratic towns, and even some Republican towns.

In Camden County though, the county, and most of the towns are, and have been controlled by one party for the past decade or two. In Gloucester Township, residents have seen several property tax increases in the past 10 years, but nothing compares to the huge increases that have come about since 2010. The previous administration left in 2009, with a sizable tax increase, but what was to follow, would set the pace for unprecedented property tax increases that would lead many to leave.

Dave Mayer became Mayor in 2010 in the first November partisan election of Gloucester Township. His very first year in office brought the largest property tax increase in the history of the township. A whopping 26% increase that had residents reeling for the next few years. The next 3 years saw more spending, but no increase in taxes. In the few short years that followed, the 2 remaining Republicans were squeezed out in the following partisan elections. The town was now solely in Democratic control.

After the 3 years of "zero" increases, the now Democratically controlled council would then introduce and pass an 8% increase in 2014, a 12% increase in 2016, and the 9% increase that followed in 2018. That is when we began to see for sale signs go up like crazy, and even worse, residents being forced to just vacate their home to give it up to foreclosure.
It was extremely disheartening to see those white stickers on homes on your own block, but even worse, to see your neighborhood friends just fade from the place that you both called home.

This is not a story to beat up on local Democrats, but they are indeed, those responsible for the frivolous spending, waste, and going overboard on luxury items, when their tax paying residents, and our neighbors were struggling , and some losing their homes. People of the township continue to ask others, "when will it hurt bad enough" before people just get someone new into office. It is about loyalty? Is it about familiar names? or could it truly be about political party?

Gloucester Township is no doubt a beautiful, and wonderful place to live, but if people are being taxed out of the houses that they called home, and many paid off years ago, then will they continue to do much of the same? Is voting a political party worth it when it comes to others in our town? We will soon find out. If you change nothing, then nothing will change.