Is Gloucester Twp residents public safety at risk? Why no media coverage at all on this?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ Saturday December 29, 2018

(Op-Ed Page)
When rumors had been floating around, no one really thought that it could be so. That the EMT services of Gloucester Township were "shut down", or with inadequate services, due to what has been referred to as failed inspections. As sightings of Washington Twp, and surrounding area EMS vehicles became more common, it seemed that there was more to it then maybe just rumor.

On Wednesday December 26th, Sam Sweet brought that very question to the Gloucester Township council. In response to that question, council President Orlando Mercado in uncharacteristic style, panicked, with no clear cut answers for Mr. Sweet, and also had no definitive resolution to the ongoing major issue for emergency medical response vehicles, and personnel, other than "they were working on it.

That does however, add more time to emergency medical response. The details of what inspections failed were never answered, as was this Personnel qualifications, equipment, or vehicular, inspections that had failed, as it has been a few weeks that this had been going on with residents not knowing any of this. Also, most issues that have occurred in the past used to be resolved the same day, of within 24 hours. The Gloucester Township Mayor (Dave Mayer) had disrupted the privately run GT EMS a few years ago, when he and public officials, had accused the previous proprietor of the service of "illegal personal matters" only to have that not so true accusation, be "settled" for a large undisclosed amount of money. It was not long after that , that new folks headed up that EMT service, and this is where we stand now. The Mayor didn't alert his friends at Ch 6, the Inky, the Courier Post,or The GT Patch on this one.

Is the public safety in danger? Is this worse than originally thought? Unfortunately, that remains to be seen, and hopefully those answers can be gotten, or more importantly, this issue can be resolved, before something bad happens.