Forecast for Gloucester Township 2019. Election year free giveaways and more massive DEBT.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

As we approach 2019, Gloucester Township, as in the past will do whatever it takes to retain political positions in office. It has already allowed the Norcross machine to make massive profits from the sale of land that the Premium Outlet Malls now stands, along with many "connected" contributors to continue to participate in "pay to play" business as usual at the expense of GT taxpayers. In the past, Gloucester Twp Mayor and Council have raised property taxes, as much as 52% since 2010, and accumulated over $120 Million in debt, that make up those property taxes. Public employees, school overspending, massive overtime, and free giveaways for those who's votes they buy, again, at the expense of all local taxpayers.

In the past, Mayor and council, pass massive bonds, (borrowing) in election years, in order to say that they did not raise taxes. That has been going on since Mayor Mayer has been elected to office. The council has been very accommodating to the Mayor, and bonds frivolous spending, and most times, borrowing millions more than they need, to pad the "budget".
In the years that storms have caused damage around town, (as they are known to do) council acts as if snow, or wind storms are unheard of. They have borrowed millions, stating that FEMA money would reimburse the taxpayers, only for that money to never see the light of day again, and dissipates into the rabbit hole of frivolous spending.

What groups will be targeted this coming year is unknown, but you can count on the Gloucester Township Mayor and council to borrow much more again, and add to the over $120 Million debt that taxpayers are already burdened with. It is fully expected if they are re-elected, those property tax increases will be unleashed to the taxpayers, and another mass exodus will ensue. You can also expect to see more vacant and abandoned homes throughout the town. History is always a good indicator of future actions when it comes to politicians, and if that is true it appears that in 2020, an 11% to 12% property tax increase is in the future for Gloucester Twp residents and taxpayers. Will it ever be able to be reversed? Not when you gave away the farm and obligate the taxpayers credit card, with no way of paying it back.