Gloucester Township off the table for LIDL market, Winslow Twp is not likely either

Gloucester Township, Camden County , NJ December 2, 2018

Gloucester Township Mayor and council hoped to entice residents with a "rateable" new merchant to the township in the wake of a huge property tax increase.
Township council, and planning board engaged in nothing more than wishful thinking and conversation, but appears to be the extent of the supermarket's possibility of coming to Gloucester Township.

The thought was that LIDL could consider Winslow Township as a possible location on Cross Keys Rd, adjacent to Gloucester, but that also has faded, even as LIDL plans to ramp up expansion, it appears to have no store locations in the foreseeable future in New Jersey, and some other mid Atlantic states.

LIDL indicated on Grocery Dive website in August of this year, that " Lidl initially planned to open 100 locations by June of this year, but has had to slow its growth plans due to under performing sales, reports note. The company has pulled out of store projects in several states, including Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama".
They further went on to say that "After opening nearly 50 stores in 2017, Lidl has slammed on the breaks this year, with just a few openings over the past eight months. It’s hard to tell when and if the company will ramp up expansion once again, but regardless, it’s clear Lidl is going through an adjustment period".

With Gloucester Township taxpayers in desperate need of TRUE RATEABLES to offset high property taxes, for now, not even Gloucester Township's infamous "tax abatement" will be attracting LIDL supermarket change. It's just not in the cards. Grocery Dive website link below.