Why does Gloucester Twp and others towns keep paying for the county, and city of Camden, while Millionaires get abatements?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

We are all part of a "county team" helping one and other out as brother and sister towns within Camden county, we pool our resources together to get things done.
BUT, when is enough, enough? Residents of Gloucester Township, and other surrounding towns in the county, continue to pay for for the city of Camden, when millionaires regenerate the waterfront and business area, are getting significant tax breaks and abatements.
For instance, Gloucester twp properly pays an outstanding police department to protect our town, and yet we provide funding for the city's police department that was labeled the "metro" division of the Camden county Police. We also provide firefighter and apparatus coverage for the county owned Lakeland complex, with little or no compensation for our tax dollars. The Camden county Board of elections, clerk, and other offices are now located in township, and do they pay their fair share of property taxes?

Taxpayers of Gloucester Township also contribute an additional open space tax to the county, while paying our own 2% every year.
When is it time to let both the county,the city of Camden, and the millionaire builders pay their fair share and cut the people of the towns a break.

Maybe it's time that we start talking about that, and why our elected officials don't ask those entities to pay their fair share.