Gloucester Twp. Smart move, overcautious, or Nanny state on late October curfews?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Every year toward the end of October, Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer, issues curfews for the Halloween season.
When the Mayor first initiated this idea, he no doubt went overboard restricting youths under 18 from being out unsupervised after 7 pm on Halloween night along with mischief night.
In the past few years, Mayer has issued a 3 day curfew which is being reissued again in 2018 with those curfew restrictions being in place for 7 pm for Monday October 29th, Tuesday the 30th, and Halloween evening at 8 pm.

Some may say mischief night may be an understandable curfew, of perhaps 8 or 9 pm, but to others 7 pm could be a bit of an overreach as some students who participate in after school activities, and sports may get home after that time. Who even knows why Monday the 29th even has a curfew as it has no significance to mischief night. The question may be raised have we had any real issues on mischief night before these curfews were installed.

Are we being fair to the youth of Gloucester Township? It raises the question about a blanket curfew for all of our youth when it may have one been the few that has ever participated in any mischief on those nights in the past. Are we sending a message to the youth that all must be restricted for the actions of the very few. Sometimes our youth will surprise us when we show them our trust. After all, is mischief night even really still "a thing" ?