How do taxpayer dollars eventually fund political campaigns in Gloucester Township?

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

Many Gloucester Township residents, and taxpayer have often heard the phrase, "pay to play" never giving it a second thought, but it's what eventually happens to your hard earned money that you pay in taxes? Let's just say that you are an Engineering firm, or Consultant firm operating in the twp. You often charge fees for services, sometimes for every hour and minute that you may spend, even just "reviewing" something, or making a phone call. Those fees could easily add up to tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.
Others may make it from commissions for large bonds, or approving contracts.
Those same consultants, and firms may turn around and make a sizable donation to the same political party's election campaign, and more so, to those politicians,
political PACs (Political Action Committees) throughout the year which add up to some very big donations come election season. So, if you are following along your local GT elected politicians spend generously to those firms, those firms in return make sizable donations to the Politicians, and their PACs.

What could be some reasons that local politicians would spend tens or hundreds of dollars, for non, and fair paying jobs? It's the things that you don't see, or care to pay attention to that is where the even bigger dollars exchange hands. Yet, some wonder why their taxes keep going up?

So, ask yourself this, why would the local political machine spend many tens of thousands of dollars to keep control of the local and regional school board?

You should be asking yourself that.