What IS SHOP GT. How it helps taxpayers, and why is it held up?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

SHOP GT is a program designed to help local business, and even more so, help local municipal taxpayers.

How does it help, and what is it all about? This is how it works.
The program is set up incorporating local in town businesses, to offer discounts to local residents, discounting anywhere from 2% to 25%. Local residents would have a card similar to an ATM card that he merchant swipes, and the amount saved is applied directly toward residents local PROPERTY TAXES. This process is done automatically by the program moderator, that applies that payment one time per year, so as to keep it very easy, and very inexpensive. The township tax office opens up that property tax credit, and you are credited with the amount that you have accumulated throughout the year simply by shopping locally.
As the program moves along, and the benefits are realized by both the merchant, and the local resident taxpayers, those same residents encourage more merchants to participate, and by it's shear success, builds the program. More merchants, more residents, and more benefits for all. There is NO COST to residents to sign up or to participate.

This program has been a success in Washington Twp, Voorhees, and other towns throughout New Jersey.
The program was introduced to Gloucester Township Council by a bipartisan team of Republican Chairman Ray Polidoro, along with former Democratic Mayoral candidate Sam Sweet.
Council seemed to like the idea, and program, so it was left up to council to work in the best interest of the residents, and see how they could make this happen. Council President Orlando Mercado instead assigned this to a sub committee, and that is where this program has stalled. Mr. Polidoro, and Mr. Sweet did have input as the very first sub committee meeting, but council has not called for a second meeting.

At a time when residents have been hammered for the 3rd property tax increase in 5 years, this would have been the only relief that the GT taxpayers could have benefited from, when Mayor's Administrator said in 2016 after that tax increase, when asked, "is this as good as it gets", his answer was in the affirmative. This program should be implimented as soon as possible, for local business, and especially for those hurt by those same 3 property tax increases.