Local and state Democrats taxing everything that is, and is not nailed down. Now tap water.

New Jersey, and Gloucester Township

With Gov. Murphy (D NJ), and Democrats in New Jersey assembly announcing their intentions of now taxing tap water, there seems to be no limits, as to what they won't tax, to pick our pockets for even more for tax dollars. Local District 4 Representatives, Fred Madden (D 4th), Paul Moriority (D 4th), and Gabriella Mosquera(D 4th), are most certainly going to vote "yes" along with their Democratic colleagues in Trenton.

With Jim Kenny, Mayor of Philadelphia paving the way with the sugary drink tax, aka soda tax, New Jersey Democrats went one better. At least you can avoid buying soda, and sugary drinks, or even go to the suburbs. In Jersey, you can only get water from one source, The pipes that come to your home. Many are expected to check out well drilling companies, to at least put a "clog" in the tax pipeline that NJ Democrats have now paved to keep the tax machines going.

Assemblywoman Gabriella Mosquera especially knows of free flowing tax pipelines. She is also the Administrative Assistant to Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer, who recently passed the 3rd property tax increase in the past 5 years, of nearly double digit increases each of those years, so she is no stranger to keeping the money flowing into the Politician's coffers.

Many are expected to flee Gloucester Twp as the taxes have gotten way more than residents can, or want to handle. This appears to even more difficult to the Seasoned Citizens of the township, especially those on a fixed income. Now it looks like many across the State may be taking the current south to the southern states one way. Keep in mind that even though New Jersey can't tax the water that you are crossing (Delaware river),they will get you for the famous "Exit Tax" that Gov. Corzine put in place some years ago.

New Jersey.....they get you even on your way out the door.