When GT Officials are in a pickle, they always come up with a "dill". Here we go again?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

In the past, when Gloucester Township elected officials upset the public, or in an election season they are at risk, they go to the same arsenal of "make believe".
GT residents have heard from promises past, the arrival of positive, revenue producing entities coming to the town. When the current administration was first elected into office, residents were told of a magnificent tournament baseball complex that would fill the forever empty Nike base. Today, that empty Nike field still sits empty. There was the promise of a new Data storage Center coming to the Lower Landing road area. Just like a Disney movie, that also dissipated like pixie dust, not to mention that "Cloud" and other technologies already made that center project obsolete.

The Mayor and Council went back again to the Nike Base area for another revenue producing "rumor", that being of the supermarket chain Lidl, coming the Nike area, right behind the existing ACME market. Besides the Vineland/Millville area, Lidl has expressed no interest or intentions of bringing their chain store to the Gloucester Township area. Thus, again, that area remains untouched.
The current "rumor" now floating about comes from the 42freeway.com sight, indicating that a Dave & Busters may be coming to the Gloucester Premium Outlet area, which by all accounts is nearing the twilight of it's "Tax Abatement" period. Could it be a tax revenue producing venture? Could it actually be something that gives the township a needed shot in the arm? Could it in fact, even be coming to the town? If history is any indicator, of promises fulfilled, here in Gloucester Township, then we may just come up empty once again.

If you were a business, looking for a place to locate, that also benefits your business, and you had another choice, what would you do?
Looks like Mays Landing may very well be the Landing spot for that Dave and Busters.

42freeway.com on Dave & Busters http://www.42freeway.com/dave-and-busters-coming-to-gloucester-township-...