Did Gloucester Twp elected officials represent taxpayers fairly when voting budget that included an additional 8% tax increase?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ Tuesday April 24, 2018

With the council room full of residents, Gloucester Township council had the task of voting on an additional 8% property tax increase for it's residents, and taxpayers.
Following the previous meeting, where residents packed the room, and lined up out to the parking lot, local GT council members were casting the final vote on the 2018 budget which included that 7.8 cent increase.

In 2014, twp Mayor and officials passed a 9% increase following the 2013 council elections. Little of no fan fair came with that bump in municipal taxes. In 2015 there was again, an election for (4) council seats. So, in 2016, council again introduced and passed a whopping 12% increase, along with regional, local schools, and the county increases, the taxpayers were unprepared for what was to come. That all came as a surprise in July when residents received their quarterly tax bill, then packed the council room, only to find out that it was too late to address the April increase.

This year, residents through word of mouth and social media, the taxpayers of Gloucester Twp were ready. This 8%, now makes it huge property tax increase in just the last 5 years.
That does not include the current administrations 2010, 26% increase, that set the new plateau, for the total 52% increases that residents have endured under this same administration.

So on Monday night, the people spoke. Many heart wrenching stories of seniors, falling behind, with being on a fixed income. Other seasoned residents possibly losing the homes that they had paid off, many years ago.

Council members listened, but also attempted to justify this additional increase. At times council members becoming combative with residents that challenged them on irresponsible spending. After, offering a "token" micro sliver off of the increase, the all Democratic council voted overwhelmingly, and unanimously in favor of that budget and 8% property tax increase. Gloucester Township municipal council is most often known for 7-0 votes on all matters, so it came as no surprise to the taxpayers of the twp, when the vote was complete.

Historic indicators, make predictions for the next cycle fairly easy. GT residents can expect another "political" zero increase in 2019's election year, and almost certainly about an 11.4% increase for 2020. The question truly is, who will be left in township to pay those rates? That is harder to answer than the tax increases for those years. Good luck GT.