Did local 6ABC put Politicians ahead of hurt and concerned residents? if so,Shame on local 6abc

Gloucester Township, Camden County

When Gloucester Township residents protested a 12% property tax increase in 2016, only one media source, was there to cover the group's battle as they filled rooms in both council meetings, and meeting halls. Kevin Riordan from the Philadelphia Inquirer was the only columnist that covered the hundreds of residents meetings and battles.

A mere 2 years later, and Gloucester Township has introduced another significant tax increase to it's residents, and the battle is on again. This time it seems that the amount of residents has grown, and the coverage has been absent.

On Monday night, April 9th, Gloucester Township council room was not only standing room only, but the residents lined down the township municipal building hallway, and out the doors.
At one point those not able to get into the packed room began chanting "let us in", that not only fell on def council ears, but would have made a room capacity an issue. As residents and taxpayers stepped up to the public microphone to voice their concerns, or opine to council, those in that line out the door attempted to watch the meeting on the township's on line live feed.

All the while just outside of those doors, was a local favorite TV station camera from WPVI channel 6, the local abc affiliate in Philadelphia. Some residents claimed that residents notified channel 6 to alert them of the council meeting and the tax revolt led by residents would be news worthy, and requested to cover the story.

The channel 6 camera was there, the 6 abc microphone was there, and maybe even that famous news van, but they all remained outside, never to step foot inside of the meeting where residents and council were " the big story" at least in South Jersey, they were. When asked why the station's camera was not inside of the council room to cover the actual story, the response by the representative/ cameraman, was that it was a problem or issue with GT officials. He did not go on to say specifics, but the lack of coverage of the actual meeting should speak for itself. They have always come to the council chambers when Mayor Mayer is handing out awards and attempting humor, but it appears that the Mayor's trumps the tax soaked public of the large municipality. Historically TV6 and Action news has been a favorite of many in South Jersey, but times must have changed, and not for the good.

So with that being said, local 6abc, you chose Politicians over people in the township of Gloucester. Remember that when you cover the Mayor giving awards. Wear the "cone of shame".