Bring your passion, but also bring your patience to the Gloucester Twp council meeting. Know what to expect at a public meeting.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

With knowledge, comes power. Know that when you attend a municipal council meeting there is a protocol. Especially in Gloucester Township.
The Council President conducts the meeting. He sits dead center of the council pulpit, right next to the twp Lawyer. The council president will invite the public to speak on
"AGENDA" items only in the first public portion. That means that you are addressing ONLY items that appear on that night's agenda. The council President will only allow each member of the public 3 minutes to speak with a maximum of 15 mins for that 1st portion. Note, always address all comments and questions to the council President ONLY.

The council will then go over that night's agenda and cast votes for those Ordinances and resolutions.

The council President will then announce a 2nd public portion for the public to speak on ANYTHING. That is when the public and taxpayers may speak on anything that concerns them within their township. Each member of the public may only speak for 5 minutes, with a maximum time for that portion of 30 mins. The council President can if he wishes to extend that time or someone may ask him to wave that time limit.

When GT residents plan to attend the council meeting on April 9th, you may want to bring your patience with you. The meeting start time is always 7:30 pm sharp. On the night of the 9th, the council will allow the GT scholarship committee to select the winners of the township's students that will receive those scholarship gifts for college. This takes about 30-45 mins.

Council members are now scheduled to go into "closed" session, which means that they will leave council chambers and go into a private room to discuss items that are not for public knowledge at this time, like a legal, or employment matter. This could take 10-30 mins. No way to know for sure.

The council meeting will then finally be called back to order whereas, all of the above information on the meeting protocol applies.
Remember, your elected officials work for you. If they say something that you do not agree with, or do not understand, just say EXPLAIN. That is their job.
Please be mindful, that when coming to a council meeting, a metal detector is used in the hallway before entering the council room. Plan accordingly.

There are no dumb questions. Learn, and enjoy by attending YOUR meeting of your elected officials.