Will Gloucester Township residents take the additional 8% tax increase sitting down again?

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ
March 31, 2018

The last time that Gloucester Township Mayor and council hit residents with a property tax increase it was a huge one. It was a 12% increase, in 2016, one year before the Mayoral, and council local election. The tax increase was past that year in April as usual, but residents not paying attention didn't see it until they got their tax bill in July.

Residents then filled the council chambers, only to find out that it was too late. They vented to council, asked where the Mayor was then went back on their way. Mayor Mayer and council would then be re-elected again that next year. At that time, the tax paying residents were coming to terms with a Mayor that had already raised property taxes his first year in office at a staggering rate of 26% attempting to push the blame off on the previous administration.

The Mayor and Council went on to "bank" or carry over the state 2% CAP the following 3 years, only to again raise the property tax in 2014 about another 9%, just after they were again re-elected in 2013.

So in 2016, when Gloucester Township residents learned of the additional 12% tax increase they were being handed, again after that local election year, residents attended the July council meeting well after the horses had been let out of the barn. (So if you were at the meeting and saw people asking why the barn looked so empty, now you know why.)

So, will the hard hit residents of Gloucester Township address their Mayor and Council when the time is right. That again, remains to be seen. The "preliminary"estimated budget has been submitted to council from the CFO and twp Administrator Tom Cardis. The township "accountant" explained this budget as within the CAP more like a Politician spewing more spin, that a washing machine.

The meeting that residents can attempt to address their Mayor and Council will come up on April 9th, then the final passage on this 8% increase will be again voted on on Monday
April 23rd. Both meetings start promptly at 7:30 pm at the twp municipal building.

Those on social media venting about this wonder if GT residents will take this 8% property tax increase sitting down, or will the hard hit residents stand up for themselves and their families at these April meetings at the right time. One resident is quoted as saying "will it finally hurt bad enough"? That remains to be seen. Do not expect to see the GT mayor in attendance. He does not field resident questions, and is not really known for returning phone calls. And the residents aren't known for voting anybody out of office, so can you blame him?