Even with a 40 year warranty on the 21 year old Mullen roof, GT school board approves $5 Million roof

Gloucester Township, Camden County

After another round of public portion comments this past Monday night, the Gloucester Township local school board overwhelmingly voted to spend $5 MILLION to replace the 21 year old roof on the Ann Mullen middle school.

The board approved a less than open and fair open bidding process for the replacement roof, and moved forward with the Tremco group to replace the roof at the school.
Comments at the meeting included massive over pricing by Tremco, and included a $61 Million settlement with the Dept of Justice for false claims, and other business practices.

The main concern that was voiced, addressed to the school board is that the manufacturer, of the existing roof had not been contacted regarding the active and valid 40 YEAR WARRANTY on the current roof. This could be a substantial reduction in the cost of a roof replacement.

Overall the school board claims that this project will not increase property taxes, but reserves used to pay for the roof, will need to be replenished, and the board now has a new budget meeting curiously scheduled for 4:30 pm Next Monday afternoon. Board member Jennifer O'Donnell requested that the school board move the meeting to a later time of day so that those in the public that work a normal day can attend. The Gloucester Township school board voted that down resoundingly. That again does not seem to be very open and transparent to the Gloucester Township public, many say. We will update you when information becomes available.

Tremco settlement link: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/rpm-international-inc-and-tremco-inc-pay-...