GT school board set to push through the vote again, on almost $5 Million roof tonight

Gloucester Township, Camden County

On the agenda is a $4.8 million roof for the Ann Mullen middle school. The question in not whether the school needs a roof, but why the local school board did not have the manufacturer GAF, originally go out to evaluate the roof for wear and tear, but also what recourse the school had on the remainder of the 40 year warranty onthe shingles of the 21 year old school. The school board , as of the last meeting thought it appropriate, to send out it's own Engineering firm Penonni, who has also made contributions to local Political PACS, for their opinion on the roof.

A local commercial roofer who attended the last school board meeting had stated that that roof could be replaced for nearly half of the cost that Tremco, the no bid roofing firm had priced out to the board. As of the last meeting, the school board has not budged from that price, nor has it gotten the professional evaluation of the current roof's manufacturer GAF.

These actions of the Gloucester Township school board seem to indicated that this contract will be "steam rolled" over other roofer's suggestions, and the public's input.

Some of the participating residents, say follow the money trail, and you will see why the school board will approve this $5 million roof no matter what. Tonight's meeting, will prove that to either be true, or that they will use common sense to use a fair and open process. This could have been done in any case for requesting RFQs and a fair and open bidding process that would have allowed local and regional commercial roofing companies to participate in this process, being paid for by the taxpayers of Gloucester Township.

GTNews will let you know how each individual school board member voted.

The meeting begins at 7 pm sharp, at the Ann Mullen middle school.