Will GT School Board ignore the roof warranty, inspection, outrageous pricing, and approve no bid roofer for Mullen?

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

Even after pressure to table the almost $5 Million Mullen school roof resolution, will the Gloucester Township school board move forward with the no bid contract?
Residents asked common sense questions of the board, like the active 40 year warranty on the school. Questions were also asked about the lack of inspection prior to the solar panels being installed on parts of the roof, as well as a local commercial roofing company owner present at the meeting, believing that the roof was nearly double the cost, for that project.

GT School board has the resolution up for discussion at Monday's workshop meeting on the 12th. A vote should not be called for by the board, but they are capable, and able to call for a "special" session, to vote it in. That is not on the workshop agenda, but one never knows.

The taxpayers of Gloucester Township should be keeping a very watchful eye on this action by their school board. Ignoring the active warranty, the excessively elevated price, and the blatant disrespect for the taxpaying residents of the town, should be cause for concern, now and in the future of business practices of those who spend the heart earned dollars of those same taxpayers.

When the vote is taken, expect the path to follow it's task master Joseph Angeloni. If he votes "Yes", the political establishment board members will unmistakably vote in lockstep with him. It is the hope of many in township that this will not happen, and this roof will cost the industry price, of about half, and still be the quality work that we expect.

GTNews will follow up and update residents, as this resolution is discussed, before the vote.