Gloucester Township School Board makes one good move, and one very bad move.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

One Monday night, February 26, 2018, Gloucester Township school board reluctantly voted to "table a vote on an almost $5 Million roof for Ann Mullen middle school. The residents spoke out on not only the outrageous price of the roof, but also existing warranties on the existing roof. The board was convinced enough for that night to vote yes (8-0) to table. The move was received by the residents as a good move for the town.

On the same evening, a motion to extend the "public portion" was made by board member Jennifer O'Donnell, that would allow more than the 30 minute maximum allowed by the board so that all residents could be heard on the roof, but the board voted that extension down. The motion to extend was seconded by Mary Ann Johnson. Voting no on hearing more form the public were
Mary Jo Dintino – President
Tamara Jackson
Susanne Reilly
Deborah Simone
Joseph Angeloni
Tracey Lynch
Absent was Vice President Mark Gallo.

A public meeting is not only for the public to attend and observe, but to voice their concerns, and question their governing bodies. This is not only anti transparent, but also ignorant by some standards. More governing bodies should want more input from their residents and tax paying public, not limit them or shut them out. We hope this changes for future meetings.

Follow up meetings will be updated as the $5 Million Mullen roof resolution is discussed .