Sen. Sweeney wants to "blow up" property tax system and start a new. Will GT Mayor Mayer fight him to keep taxpayer dollars?

Gloucester Township, Camden County. Jan 30, 2018

NJ State Senator Steve Sweeney (D- Glou co) appeared on Fox Business News, and interviewed with the Philadelphia Inquirer, wanting and proposing to "blow up" the NJ property tax system, and start over. He clearly proclaims that New Jersey taxpayers already pay too much. His recommendation, is to make "tough choices" in the way NJ does business, along with looking at public employee salaries and pensions. He sees that not only continuing to over taxing the rich, but all taxpaying residents will lead to a mass exodus. So LOWERING property taxes may be solution.

In Gloucester Township, Camden county, they have seen some rather humongous property tax increases since 2009. The residents have actually seen as much as 42% increases since Mayor David R. Mayer (D- Glou Twp) took office in 2010. Gloucester Township has not only seen record tax increases, but has also seen record borrowing and debt. It has become more of a habit for the Politicians of Gloucester Township, that may not be able to be reversed, or reined in due to such historical debt.

If Sen. Sweeney is able to get some of his property tax ideas in and out of Trenton conference, will Mayor's such as Gloucester Township's Mayor Mayer, be able to support his fellow Democrat in reducing taxes, and control spending.

The Federal government has just past new tax reductions that will give more of what all workers earn, keep in their own pockets, but that doesn't mean New Jersey residents will get to enjoy what the rest of the country will see as a windfall. It appears that Sweeney clearly sees that and might just be making an honest attempt at what NJ residents have been yearning for, however, that would put Dave Mayer and Mayors like him in a difficult position. Can Mayer break old habits, or will he stand against his party's representative to keep those hig tax and spend habits going? This should be interesting to see how this plays out.