Are generous, across the board salary increases right after the election, salt in the wound of Gloucester Township residents?

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

Fresh off of an election victory, Gloucester Township Mayor Mayer, and his Municipal council have on their agenda, for the first meeting after election day, what seems to be some very generous raises across the board for the township administrators.

The agenda appears to list out what looks like most, if not all, who work in the township's municipal building some fairly hefty raises, that seem to include, the township Administrator, and Mayor's staff. Other mid level employees of the building also look like they are in for some nice boosts in their paychecks as well.

Was timing of this proposal suspicious, or just a coincidence, one may ask. The people of Gloucester Township who have just voted earlier in the week may want to be the judge of that.

Either way, this may not sit very well with the taxpayers of the tax weary town, after last years huge property tax increase, and substantial surplus that residents did not receive back in the way of property tax return for their being overtaxed. The questions may be best suited to ask the Mayor, or Council members at this Monday's council meeting, beginning at
7:30 pm November 13, at the town's municipal hall.