Mayor Mayer labeling all kids as bad with over reaching Halloween curfew?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

It seems that we have been down this road before with Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer.
Shortly after taking office, Mayor Mayer imposed a very harsh 7 pm curfew for Halloween night and the days before. It is understandable to keep an eye out for the township on "mischief night", but to impose those extended restrictions on the youth of our township for October 29, 30, of 7 pm is not quite fair to our kids, who always do the right thing, and have no reason to be bunched with the few that may cause trouble. 8 pm for Halloween night.

Mischief night has for the most part disappeared, as you don't have the trouble that have been in the past, when those over 30 were kids. Imposing a 7 pm curfew for the 29th is even more unnecessary, and Halloween night is a night when parents are out with most younger children.

Gloucester Township has a few bad eggs, but most kids in this town are good and respectful that are out and about before 10 or 11 pm. Trouble comes out later in the night.
Mr. Mayer, Gloucester Township has one of the best Police departments around, and certainly has the tools to keep our town safe, and a watchful eye on our town.
Let the parents and Police, do what they do best. Don't try to be their parent. This is not a Police State, and certainly is not the U.S.S.R.

You have taken us down this road before, and the youth of Gloucester Township proved to you and us that they can handle this. We went without much trouble after you attempted this before. Do not take that trust away from those kids that earned it last time. Given a chance Mr. Mayor, they might just prove you wrong again.