As sky rocketing taxes continue, the local race has 2 sides. Team Mayer vs $aving Gloucester Township.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

For what is turning out to be a contentious local race for Gloucester Township Mayor, and 3 council seats. The political ads are out in force.
The "Saving Gloucester Township" slate is getting their flyers, lawn signs, and mailers out in the typical grass roots effort to unseat the incumbents, those same incumbents, are going all out with constant mailers, signs.

The residents are also being inundated with a barrage of pop up ads, and TV commercials, all over mainly Comcast Cable.

The Challenger Mayoral candidate Frank Radisch is informing voters of wasteful spending, and how his team could curb that unnecessary spending, that would lead to lower Property taxes. Putting out an multi point plan to bring taxes down, and give up luxury spending when residents are losing their homes or moving out

In contrast, incumbent Mayor Dave Mayer, is boasting the costly luxury turf fields, and other "Premium" items for residents, that are upgrading the town of 65,000. The Mayer Team candidates, also boast "saving taxpayer dollars", curiously enough, it was not stated "saving TAXPAYERS dollars.

Those in social media and blogs are talking only 3 things, Taxes, Taxes, and Taxes. Not something being mentioned by the current office holders in GT.

Will the chant of taxes, taxes, taxes ring load enough on Nov 7th? Remains to be seen.