2017 Gloucester Township Budget: Mayor, Council Vote to Pocket $5.2 Million Surplus.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ (Re print)

Gloucester Township Mayor Mayer, and his Council team, voted and approved a measure that allows the township to keep (pocket) the residents taxpayer dollars, instead of returning those dollars back to the taxpayers in the way of a $260 property tax reduction. That would have helped a struggling community that in the past 7 years has endured as much as 42% property tax increases, along with hefty increases in the township's DEBT.

Those tax increases came along just after Mayer was elected in 2009. In 2010, the taxpayers saw a nearly 26% increase followed by continuing in creases of almost 10% in 2014, and again 12% in 2016. Coincidentally, those increases came the following the township's election of its local officials.

A property tax decrease would have turned Gloucester township in a positive direction, that could have avoided the many vacant homes that have appeared in the township over the past few years as some residents were not able to overcome those massive tax increases.

There is another local election this coming November for Mayor and 3 council members. Let's see what the residents chose this time around.