Why would local Incumbent office holders push hard for Vote By Mail?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ.

With the November elections nearing, the local incumbent Mayor and Council are mailing out flyers encouraging voters to "Vote By Mail" to avoid the election day lines.
Local elections in southern New Jersey have not seen 40% voter turnout in many many years, so why would there be this push. Lines? It is thought that the county and local
"machine" Politicians have over used, or abused the intended purpose of the vote by mail process, which used to be called, "Absentee ballots, used for when a voter was n't going to be home to vote, or if a voter was physically unable to make it to the polling place.

Camden County, especially Gloucester Township has seen well above average VBM ballots cast, most often in those county, and local election years, as compared to many surrounding areas. It makes one ask, what is in it for the Politicians. Just ask yourself who is pushing them. We'll let you decide for yourself.