It's time for the NJ Legislature to close the loopholes that ALLOWS towns IGNORE the 2% state mandated tax CAP.

Southern New Jersey

Just because you can, does not mean you should. How many times have we all heard that? Well, it seems that just about every other year certain municipalities choose to go their own way, and perform the "New Jersey 2 step". In other words, ignore the State's property tax 2% CAP. These select towns will give them whatever loophole that Legislators provide, some abuse it more than others. Towns such as Princeton, and Gloucester Township, in Camden County. Both towns have chosen to find ways around that CAP, and there is no relief in sight. Princeton bumped up Property Taxes above 6%, with Gloucester Township raising their 2016 property Taxes a whopping 12%.

It is now time for our elected legislators, to close those loopholes, and go to work for the People of New Jersey. By using the word "extraordinary" for circumstance that need that extra measure, it's time to look at that very word, and not use it as a crutch. The other and most abused 'exemption" is debt service. Not only does it allow towns to use this highly abused service, but it adds an additional incentive, to borrow, and bond more, and continue to circumvent, and ignore the 2% CAP.

Close every loophole and analyze every town's request to be exempt from the CAP, or even better, put it to a referendum, and let the taxpaying residents decide, if THEIR town should be able to go above the CAP. After all, those are the people that are going to pay for it.