Gloucester Township Mayor and Council. Deception or Coincidence?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Just before the last Gloucester Township Council meeting, the Local GT Patch, wrote a story notifying the residents that the involuntary Electricity Aggregation program was being discussed at that August 14th meeting. More residents than usual showed up for that meeting. Council President Orlando Mercado began the first "public portion" of thanking the resident for bringing up the aggregation program. Councilman Mercado went on to say that the program that was being discussed was for public buildings and entities within the "county".

Mercado also went on to criticize the Gloucester Township Patch for putting that out that brought the residents out to the meeting. He also commented that the residential program would be held sometime in the future.

Just one meeting later, the RESIDENTIAL Electricity aggregation program is slated and buried in the "consent" agenda, for both PSE&G and Atlantic City Electric customers in Gloucester Township. Many of the questions still remain unanswered about if you need to "OPT OUT" again. The other question is what GT residents ACTUALLY saved with the program, versus what the overall savings have been for the duration of the program.

The local Patch story may have only been off by one meeting, in it's story about the Residential Electricity Aggregation Program. It may have been helpful if a council member or council President Mercado would have indicated that this program, effecting most residents would be heard at this very next meeting. People need to know this things, so that they can speak to their elected officials BEFORE they vote on such items.