Mayor Mayer's friends put him on TV, but he talks about everything EXCEPT for PROPERTY TAXES and VACANT HOMES and DEBT.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Gloucester Township Mayor, David R. Mayer certainly has his friends in high places. Friends in Trenton, friends in the county, and most certainly at Comcast and the local TV stations.
He and his team have made it a point to reach out to them, to introduce the area to many of the "pomp and circumstance", and ribbon cuttings that he had lined up for this election year. Most of them have been "feel good" items that make this town look "visually" good. He has not, however been before the camera addressing the most important issue that effect the residents of Gloucester Township. What has he and his team done about PROPERTY TAXES and the consequences that has led to the growing number of VACANT HOMES in town, not to mention the enormous amount of DEBT, that will most certainly lead to more huge PROPERTY TAX INCREASES in the near future.

Mayer is without a doubt a very seasoned and polished Politician. He knows how to jump in front of the still, and television cameras. His position at Comcast may also help with that.
The residents and taxpayers of Gloucester Township have seen in the Mayor's 7 years of office taxes rise after almost every local election, upward now of 42%, and most years their team feels real good about their re-election prospects, but this year might just be different.

Maybe it's time to make your last TV appearance and be HONEST with the people of Gloucester Township. Even a dog can only stand so much pain before gets up off of the nail that's
been poking him in the belly, for so long. For the record, "GRANT MONEY" comes from another taxpayer source that comes from GT Resident's pockets.