Gloucester Township Mayor and Council. Deception or Coincidence?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Just before the last Gloucester Township Council meeting, the Local GT Patch, wrote a story notifying the residents that the involuntary Electricity Aggregation program was being discussed at that August 14th meeting. More residents than usual showed up for that meeting. Council President Orlando Mercado began the first "public portion" of thanking the resident for bringing up the aggregation program. Councilman Mercado went on to say that the program that was being discussed was for public buildings and entities within the "county".

Mercado also went on to criticize the Gloucester Township Patch for putting that out that brought the residents out to the meeting. He also commented that the residential program would be held sometime in the future.

Just one meeting later, the RESIDENTIAL Electricity aggregation program is slated and buried in the "consent" agenda, for both PSE&G and Atlantic City Electric customers in Gloucester Township. Many of the questions still remain unanswered about if you need to "OPT OUT" again. The other question is what GT residents ACTUALLY saved with the program, versus what the overall savings have been for the duration of the program.

The local Patch story may have only been off by one meeting, in it's story about the Residential Electricity Aggregation Program. It may have been helpful if a council member or council President Mercado would have indicated that this program, effecting most residents would be heard at this very next meeting. People need to know this things, so that they can speak to their elected officials BEFORE they vote on such items.

Mayor Mayer's friends put him on TV, but he talks about everything EXCEPT for PROPERTY TAXES and VACANT HOMES and DEBT.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Gloucester Township Mayor, David R. Mayer certainly has his friends in high places. Friends in Trenton, friends in the county, and most certainly at Comcast and the local TV stations.
He and his team have made it a point to reach out to them, to introduce the area to many of the "pomp and circumstance", and ribbon cuttings that he had lined up for this election year. Most of them have been "feel good" items that make this town look "visually" good. He has not, however been before the camera addressing the most important issue that effect the residents of Gloucester Township. What has he and his team done about PROPERTY TAXES and the consequences that has led to the growing number of VACANT HOMES in town, not to mention the enormous amount of DEBT, that will most certainly lead to more huge PROPERTY TAX INCREASES in the near future.

Mayer is without a doubt a very seasoned and polished Politician. He knows how to jump in front of the still, and television cameras. His position at Comcast may also help with that.
The residents and taxpayers of Gloucester Township have seen in the Mayor's 7 years of office taxes rise after almost every local election, upward now of 42%, and most years their team feels real good about their re-election prospects, but this year might just be different.

Maybe it's time to make your last TV appearance and be HONEST with the people of Gloucester Township. Even a dog can only stand so much pain before gets up off of the nail that's
been poking him in the belly, for so long. For the record, "GRANT MONEY" comes from another taxpayer source that comes from GT Resident's pockets.

How did ZERO turn out to be ANOTHER TAX INCREASE in Gloucester Township? Residents growing weary.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Gloucester Township Mayor, David Mayer along with Council, may have ANNOUNCED a ZERO increase in this year's tax levy, but what exactly does ZERO mean?
Council still needed to raise revenue for good ole open space which was used for many things then was originally intended as we knew "open space"
Along with GT's local increase, the local schools will always dip their ladles into the pot, along with the County.

For those not familiar with this constant barrage, the County Democratic Machine is like an Octopus with the usual 8 tentacles, with FRIENDS, and FAMILY having a tight network to
co ordinate this see sawing tax elevator that does not contain a DOWN BUTTON. They will continue to do what they do and always expect the usual voting base to put them back on office.
The voters always come through for them, as a great number of that base has or knows someone that works for the Municipal, County, or Vendor chain. They will always have that "Persuasive" way of counting on votes.

After the constant hammering to the residents of Gloucester Township, which have now seen their property taxes rise 42% over the past 7 years, this might finally be getting to everyone regardless of party. This could be a very interesting local election year.

Just a few reasons why it is so expensive to live in Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

As if Camden County wasn't swinging a large enough wrecking ball of property taxes, Gloucester Township also burdens it's municipal taxpayers with items that are over the top, that cost the local tax payers, and see them moving towards the door, and leaving town.

The township spends, borrows, and taxes, to bring in some LUXURY ITEMS that may not necessarily, be needed at this time of economic hardship. Items that are proposed for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but turn out to cost in the millions. The township hockey rinks improvements and upgrades were introduced at about $800,000 and came in at just under $2 Million.
The township passed bonds (borrowed) under $3 million for turf fields, once again the real amounts with additional spending are nearing $4 Million.

The 5 DAY WORK WEEK has been a sore spot with some residents. The township employees work only a 4 DAY week (except Police), that allows some departments like public works to utilize FRIDAY as an OVERTIME day, along with SATURDAY. There are SOME staggered, work week employees, but that's questionable.

Probably the most troubling issue that flies under the radar, is along with GOLD STANDARD benefits, many municipal workers are reimbursed for what is suppose to be
"out of pocket " co-pays for medical and prescriptions, is reimbursed to them by the taxpayers. Upward from $500 to $750 per year.

We want our public employees to have good benefits but it contradicts the term and purpose "out of pocket". Just to name a few.

How hard has the Gloucester Township property tax increases hit your Holiday wallet?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

As Gloucester Township residents rested their taxpayer revolt hats, another taxing reality has taken shape. What the huge bite out of your wallet, did to the money you were hoping to have for the December Holiday gifts that you wanted to buy family members and loved ones. Some folks are going the route of "bargain hunting", others are cutting back. However there are those who would like to crawl up into a ball, until the Holidays are over, because they just don't have the means to buy gifts for those they have in the past. The property tax increases have taken their toll on not only folks who pay their taxes quarterly, but those who pay it in their mortgage. The new monthly mortgage has jumped up enough that less or no money could be saved for the holidays.

Those seniors that get a property tax freeze, will still be required to pay the higher property tax, then wait for the State to reimburse them months later. Some are losing their homes for the higher property taxes which has increased to higher than their mortgage ever was. Gloucester Township Politicians should have thought this through hard before hurting the people of the town the way that they did. Residents are people. It hurts the people of Gloucester Township

The Gloucester Township tax revolution gains steam as the only major credible newspaper in the area puts it out there.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

After a very fierce and energetic council meeting Monday night in Gloucester Township, the fervor has not settled down. In fact it has been ramping up as the residents and taxpayers of the town are lighting up the social media world.
The Philadelphia Inquirer broke the story about the angry residents in attendance when during the "public portion" those taxpayers let council members really have it.
One after another residents stepped up to the mic and told their story of the hardships that they are enduring, due to the huge debt and spending that helped fuel this rather "hefty" property tax increase.

Gloucester Township News will continue to keep residents informed as the information, and facts become available.

How does borrowing and debt effect your property taxes?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

الوليد When a New Jersey municipality wants to raise your property taxes, the state holds them to a 2% tax increase CAP. The municipality must stay within that 2% if they want to raise property tax on it's residents EXCEPT.......Debt service. The tax increase can go well over 2% if the municipality has debt. Again, the debt service is not included in the state 2% CAP.

Theoretically, the more debt your town has, the more they can increase taxes above the CAP. Other reasons are described in a story by the Asbury Park Press, called
"Why the 2% CAP is not always 2%.

How do you LOWER property taxes in places like Gloucester Township.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

In it's simplest form, property taxes provide revenue for many services in a municipality including schools, and general services.
Most people agree that we all want good schools, trash pick up, and Police protection, but are we over taxed for those services, and how do we keep them in check?

Townships use many formulas to figure property tax rates. In 2010, Gloucester Township had a town wide re assessment. Your property value mostly went up, some did go down.
The municipal tax formula is rated against that assessed value of your home.

So how do we lower those property tax? Well, it all comes in spending. Whenever a municipal government spends more than it takes in, the deficit needs to made up at some point.
In the case of Gloucester Township, it is not only the mass amount of spending, it is also the huge amount of debt that the township accrues. If you keep increasing the debt, everyone knows that eventually you have to pay your debts. If you add up the amount of debt within the township, including schools, and other entities, you will surely reach a debt of over
$100 Million.

So, the easy answer to lowering property tax. REDUCE SPENDING, and STOP BORROWING, that increases the DEBT


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